How To’s

Getting started with Sports Bench can seem a bit overwhelming, and that’s okay. Below are a number of how to’s I’ve written to help you get started. They range from basic setup steps to more complicated integrations. If you still need help, feel free to use the contact form at the bottom to ask me any question you have.

To read tutorials on more complicated things, please view the Tutorials page.

Adding Game Recaps and Previews

We are so close to the finish line. You’re doing great, but now we’ve reached our toughest challenge yet. However, with this as your guide, you’ll be done with it in no time. This section deals with post templates. Introduced in WordPress 4.7, post templates work the same as page template, but obviously with post

Adding Scoreboard, Standings and Stats Pages

All right, so we’ve got the plugin installed and setup. We have our divisions, teams, players and some games. Now how will we display this data. Fortunately, Sports Bench makes it easy for you to display standings, scoreboards and stats leaderboards on pages (and even posts) thanks to shortcodes. This section will take you through

Adding the scoreboard bar to your theme

Adding the scoreboard bar So adding the scoreboard bar to your website is extremely simple. All you have to do is add the following function into any template you want. <?php echo sports_bench_scoreboard_bar(); ?> It’s literally that easy. No weird code to write. And really no vast knowledge of PHP is required. Just drop that

Changing the player information sections

Player page information section So the first section that we’ll change is the player information section on the player page. If you’re using the Sports Bench theme or the player page shortcode, this is the section at the top of the page, usually with the player’s photo, name and other information. This section uses the

Creating a Division

All right, now we’ve got our settings taken care of we can start adding some data. At first you’ll probably be tempted to create teams right now, but most leagues divide their teams up into divisions, conferences or leagues, so let’s start there first. This way it will be much easier once we start adding

Creating a Game

So we’ve added our teams and their players. Now it’s time to add games to the schedule. This is the most complicated of the admin pages associated with the plugin, but if you follow these steps, you’ll have no issue adding games and game stats. To start adding games, hover over the “Games” item in

Creating a Player

So we’ve added our teams. Now it’s time to add our players to these teams. To start adding players, hover over the “Players” item in the admin area of your site. Then click “Add New” in the submenu that appears. Enter in the first and last name of the player. Then select the team the

Creating a Playoff Bracket

Okay so now an entire season has gone by and it’s time for playoffs. (And yes Jim Mora, we’re talking about playoffs). Sports Bench makes it easy for you to create playoff brackets to show off who your one true champion really is. To add a playoff bracket, hover over the “Playoffs” item in the

Creating a Team

At this point we’ve installed the plugin, got the settings taken care of and added our conferences and divisions. Now it’s finally time to add in the teams. To start adding teams, hover over the “Teams” item in the admin area of your site. Then click “Add New” in the submenu that appears. Starting at


It is possible to make customization, both in the code in style. The recommended way is to make your own customization plugin so that your changes aren’t overwritten by an update. Here’s how to do that: Find the plugins directory on your web hosting and create a new directory inside of it. Call the new

Customizing the team information areas

Team Page The first location for team information is the team page. If you’re using the Sports Bench theme or are using the team page shortcode to power the page, this section appears in the lower right side of the page. To change this information, you’ll need to use the sports_bench_team_info filter accomplish your goal.


So you’ve bought Sports Bench? Cool. Here’s how to install it and get on your way to creating a cool sports website. Plugin Via WordPress Dashboard If you purchased the plugin/theme package, unzip the “sports-bench” directory that comes with the download. If you purchased the plugin only, ignore this step. In the WordPress admin area,