Setting Up Game Previews and Recaps

Level: Beginner

Game previews and recaps are an interesting part of Sports Bench.

With the plugin, if you designate a post as a game preview or recap, it will show up as a link in the scoreboard bar, the scoreboard page and scoreboard widget for the game that you select. 

And if you are using the Sports Bench Main Theme, you can also use this feature to show the information for a game towards the top of the post automatically.

So here’s how you can designate a post to be a game preview or recap.

  1. Create your post that you want to be the preview or recap.
  2. In the custom fields section on the right, select whether this is a preview or a recap.
  3. Then select the year for the game and then select the game that you’re previewing or recapping.
  4. Then update or publish your post.

Congratulations! You’ve now created a game preview or recap. If you want, you can also add in the game block or the game recap block to show more information about the game (if you’re not using the theme).