Creating a Playoff Bracket




Playoff Bracket

Okay so now an entire season has gone by and it’s time for playoffs. (And yes Jim Mora, we’re talking about playoffs). Sports Bench makes it easy for you to create playoff brackets to show off who your one true champion really is.

  • To add a playoff bracket, hover over the “Playoffs” item in the admin area of your site. Then click “Add New” in the submenu that appears.
  • Next give the bracket a name. Then select the number of teams that will be in the tournament, select whether it’s a single or double elimination tournament and then select the season the bracket takes place in.
  • For each playoff match up, select both teams from the dropdowns provided. Give each of them their seeding (if applicable). Then select whether this is a one, two, three, five or seven game series. Finally, select the game that applies to each game in the series from the dropdowns below.
  • Repeat the previous step until the bracket is filled out as much as it can be. The score section on the right will update automatically, but you will have to select the winners by hand like the previous step.
  • When you’re done, hit save. And that’s it. You’ve created your first playoff bracket!