Creating a Team





At this point we’ve installed the plugin, got the settings taken care of and added our conferences and divisions. Now it’s finally time to add in the teams.

  1. To start adding teams, hover over the “Teams” item in the admin area of your site. Then click “Add New” in the submenu that appears.
  2. Starting at the top, add the full team name (i.e. Texas Rangers, Seattle Seahawks, FC Dallas).
  3. Then enter the team location. If the team has a location and nickname, put just the city or state (i.e. Texas, Seattle). If the team has no nickname, like FC Dallas or D.C. United, put the full name here again and leave the nickname field next blank.
  4. Enter in the nickname of the team if there is one (i.e. Ranger, Seahawks).
  5. Next enter the three or four letter abbreviation of the team (i.e. TEX, SEA, FCD).
  6. Next select whether the team is active or inactive. The default setting is always active. This only changes to inactive if the team takes a hiatus or folds.
  7. Then enter the city and the state where the team is located.
  8. Next enter the stadium name and the capacity of the stadium.
  9. Then enter the name of the head coach.
  10. Next select what division or conference the team is placed in.
  11. Then enter the primary and secondary colors for the team.
  12. Next, on the right hand side, upload the team’s logo.
  13. Then you can add a photo of the team below the logo. This is an optional item.
  14. Finally, hit save at the bottom. You’ve now created your first team. Congrats! Now repeat these steps to add your remaining teams.