Creating a Division





All right, now we’ve got our settings taken care of we can start adding some data. At first you’ll probably be tempted to create teams right now, but most leagues divide their teams up into divisions, conferences or leagues, so let’s start there first. This way it will be much easier once we start adding teams.

  1. To start adding divisions, hover over the “Teams” item in the menu in the admin area of your site. Then click on “Divisions” in the submenu that appears.
  2. The divisions page is set up nearly identical to the categories page in WordPress where the divisions are listed on the right and you can add divisions or conferences on the left.
  3. To add a division or conference, first fill out the name of the division or conference.
  4. Then select if this is a division or a conference.
  5. If this is a conference, select the color for the conference. This is optional, but the color appears a border between the table head and table body wherever the standings appear.
  6. If this is a division, select the conference the division belongs to. The recommended practice is to add conferences first and then add divisions, if that is your set up.
  7. Then hit save. The page will reload and your new item will show up on the left. Repeat this process until all of your divisions and conferences are added.