Getting players information with Sports Bench and MySQL

Now that we know what SQL is, how to use it and how to output it with PHP, let’s try the same with players in Sports Bench.

Using Sports Bench data with MySQL and PHP

In this second post in a tutorial on MySQL, we go through how to take the data we’ve searched for and print it onto the page with PHP and WordPress.

MySQL Tutorial: The basic introduction

MySQL is extremely powerful for web development, but can be tricky to learn. This tutorial will get you started on what it is, what it does and how you can use it.

Sports Bench 1.4 released to public

After three months of development, Sports Bench 1.4 is now available to the public. With this update, users can add neutral site games, run rugby and volleyball leagues, use the WP REST API and more.

View from WordCamp San Antonio

Why you should go to a WordCamp

WordCamps are an amazing place to learn and be inspired. So if you use Sports Bench or use WordPress, you should attend at least one WordCamp.

Road Mapping Sports Bench 1.4

A month after 1.3 was released, work on Sports Bench 1.4 is starting to be built. See what features might be in the first anniversary release.

Sports Bench theme and plugin on a laptop

Sports Bench 1.3 released today

Sports Bench 1.3 is finally here! See how this version removes the need to write code and how it makes it easier to bring existing stats into the plugin.

Sports Bench theme and plugin on a laptop

Setting up support for different ages, grades and levels

Sports Bench doesn’t outright support different grade levels, but with a few adjustments, you can use the divisions and conferences to achieve your goal.

On creating themes for Sports Bench

This hasn’t come up yet, but just to get it out there in writing: it’s perfectly fine for other developers to create themes that utilize the Sports Bench plugin. But there are few things that need to be followed.

Scoreboard bar for Sports Bench

Adding the scoreboard bar to your theme

Almost all sports websites, such as ESPN, have a scoreboard bar at the top. And with Sports Bench, adding such feature takes only a couple of lines of code.