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Sports Bench 2.1.1 released today

As we make our way through the first month of the year, I’ve released a minor update to the Sports Bench plugin. The Sports Bench 2.1.1 update fixes a few bugs in the code, as well as reintroduces a feature that was accidentally removed with the 2.0 release.

Here’s what you can expect when updating to Sports Bench 2.1.1 today.

What is in Sports Bench 2.1.1

This is a minor update that fixes a couple of bugs that were noticed in the plugin. None of the issues fixed are security related updates, so un-updated websites are in no danger right now.

The first fix is to the sports_bench_remove_action function. I discovered an issue where this would not remove the specified action because of an error in the code.

Next, I went ahead and fixed the styling for the standings and games dashboard widgets to make them easier to see and use for your website.

And finally, I added back in the link to update teams, players and games from the single team/player/box score pages to make it easier to edit those items. This had been in previous versions of Sports Bench, but was accidentally removed for Sports Bench 2.0.

Update for Sports Bench 2.2

I also want to give a quick update on Sports Bench 2.1. Right now, I’m going to push it back to late February. I haven’t had the time I need to work on the new features and to do it right. I should be able to get everything I want added in by the end of next month.

Be sure to stay up to date with Sports Bench here on the blog and the newsletter for more information about the 2.1 release. And if you have a feature you want to see in Sports Bench or run into a bug, be sure to report it via the correct form.

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