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Sports Bench 1.8 is released

After over a year since the last release, Sports Bench 1.8 is now out. Learn more about what is in this new release and what might be next.

Where Sports Bench and Gutenberg are

So Gutenberg, WordPress’ new editor, has been in core for over a month now. So where is Sports Bench currently with supporting the new editor?

Sports Bench 1.7.2 features updates for plugin, theme

Sports Bench 1.7.2 was released today after a couple of weeks of development and features fixes for the plugin and theme.

Sports Bench screenshot

Sports Bench 1.7 released today

Sports Bench 1.7 is now available. Here’s what’s new in the newest update, including added functionality and support for a coming WordPress feature.

Preparing your site for Gutenberg

Gutenberg, the new editor for WordPress, is coming. And it’s a really good idea to go ahead try it out before it’s rolled into core.

Sports Bench 1.6 released today

Sports Bench 1.6 is finally here! This update adds search capabilities, exporting data as a CSV and other small adjustments.

Sports Bench screenshot

An update on Sports Bench 1.6

Usually the next version of Sports Bench is almost on its way to being released at this point in the cycle. But it’s not quite happening on schedule this time around.

Sports Bench and GDPR

GDPR is almost here. The legislation out of the European Union strengthens privacy for internet users in the EU, but affects websites all over the world. Is Sports Bench GDPR-compliant.

Gutenberg blocks added for Sports Bench

The first phase of integrating Sports Bench and Gutenberg is complete. In Sports Bench 1.5.1, all shortcodes are now available as Gutenberg blocks.