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Where Sports Bench is headed after version 1.5

With Sports Bench 1.5 released last week, it’s time to look ahead to see what’s down the road with Sports Bench for the rest of the year.

Sports Bench screenshot

Sports Bench 1.5 released today

Sports Bench 1.5 is now out! This update focuses on a big redesign and customizing Sports Bench. So let’s learn more about the big update!

The road map for Sports Bench and Gutenberg

Gutenberg is coming and is going to take the WordPress sphere by storm. Here’s how I plan to add support for it in Sports Bench.

Sports Bench 1.4 released to public

After three months of development, Sports Bench 1.4 is now available to the public. With this update, users can add neutral site games, run rugby and volleyball leagues, use the WP REST API and more.

Road Mapping Sports Bench 1.4

A month after 1.3 was released, work on Sports Bench 1.4 is starting to be built. See what features might be in the first anniversary release.

Sports Bench theme and plugin on a laptop

Sports Bench 1.3 released today

Sports Bench 1.3 is finally here! See how this version removes the need to write code and how it makes it easier to bring existing stats into the plugin.

On creating themes for Sports Bench

This hasn’t come up yet, but just to get it out there in writing: it’s perfectly fine for other developers to create themes that utilize the Sports Bench plugin. But there are few things that need to be followed.

Sports Bench theme and plugin on a laptop

Sports Bench 1.2.1 released today

Two weeks after the release of Sports Bench 1.2, Sports Bench 1.2.1 became available today. This update mainly fixes issues with REST API routes.

Sports Bench 1.2 released ahead of WordPress update

Sports Bench 1.2 is now here! You can now create playoffs, set teams as active or inactive and more. It’s designed to meet your needs.