What’s new with Sports Bench in August

What’s new with Sports Bench in August

We’re coming down the homestretch with Sports Bench 2.0 for both the plugin and main theme.

Version 2.0 is still on track to be released in early September, and I hope to have a more firm date for it sometime soon.

In the meantime, here’s where things stand here in August.

Theme basically complete

So the good news is that the theme is basically complete at this point. All of the big stuff has been taken care of and it works with each of the seven sports supported by the Sports Bench plugin.

Right now my only concerns with the theme are checking for small, minor things that could cause headaches down the road and translating the strings in the theme to other languages.

But really, now it’s moved down the priority list as I work to get the rest up and ready for the version 2.0 release.

Plugin almost done

Also, the plugin is almost done as well. I’ve spent time cleaning it up, testing it out and adding in documentation. That documentation should be on the Sports Bench WP website at the time this has been published.

Now all that’s left is to add in the licensing and updating components as well as translate the strings in the plugin to other languages.

There will likely be issues with the 2.0 rollout. I’m just saying that now, especially if you’ve made customizations to your version of Sports Bench. It’s important to check out the documentation to see what’s different, especially around the classes and their properties and methods.

But other than that, it feels like it’s in a good place to go live in early September.

Licensing heads up

Next, I do want to discuss licensing.

As I’ve mentioned before, I am switching to a yearly subscription model for both the plugin and theme (and any sort of new themes or add ons that I develop). The good news is that if you purchase Sports Bench before 2.0 is released, you will be grandfathered in with no additional cost unless you want to pay for the yearly subscription. But there’s no pressure to do so.

Right now I’m working on getting the licensing set up in both the plugin and theme. I’ll have more information on how current customers can get their license as we get closer to the release date.

Sports Bench website updates

Finally, I do want to mention the updates to the Sports Bench WP website. It’s a new, quicker design that should be a more welcoming place for new and old users alike.

You’ll be able to easily find all of the information for all of the classes, functions, hooks, etc. you need to customize your website with Sports Bench. And I’ll be adding more tutorials and videos to help you do cool things with it on your website. And the forums have a better design to invite conversation with others who use Sports Bench.

So if you haven’t checked it out recently, be sure to pay it a visit.