Why you should learn basic PHP

A lot of people come to WordPress with no web development experience, which is fine. But it’s a great idea to learn at least basic PHP to help yourself out.

Recommended Hosting for WordPress and Sports Bench

Web hosting is one of the most important choices you’ll make when setting up a website, especially if it uses WordPress and Sports Bench. So here are some recommendations for the best hosting.

Where Sports Bench is headed after version 1.5

With Sports Bench 1.5 released last week, it’s time to look ahead to see what’s down the road with Sports Bench for the rest of the year.

How to add customizations with Sports Bench

With Sports Bench 1.5, customizing the styles got a whole bunch easier for you. So here’s the new way to change the styles for the plugin.

Sports Bench screenshot

Sports Bench 1.5 released today

Sports Bench 1.5 is now out! This update focuses on a big redesign and customizing Sports Bench. So let’s learn more about the big update!

The road map for Sports Bench and Gutenberg

Gutenberg is coming and is going to take the WordPress sphere by storm. Here’s how I plan to add support for it in Sports Bench.

Customizing the Sports Bench plugin

While I wrote Sports Bench with the best intentions, it doesn’t quite have everything for every single person. So, if you’re wanting to make changes to the plugin, here’s how to do that.

What you can do with MySQL, PHP and Sports Bench

Now that the MySQL, PHP and Sports Bench tutorial has concluded, here are somethings you can do with this knowledge. The possibilities are endless.

Getting more complicated player stats with MySQL and PHP

In the last tutorial in MySQL, PHP and Sports Bench, we go over how to order data, limit it, and then create a small stats leaderboard to tie it all together.

Getting advanced player and team stats

So far we’ve learned basic MySQL and PHP commands to search, get and print data. Now we step it up as we combine tables to get stats and start to do cool things.