Exporting and Importing Sports Bench Data — Sports Bench Tutorial

Hey there and welcome back. In this tutorial video we’re going to take a look at how you can export and import data into Sports Bench.

So first off we’re going to go over how to export. And for that you come into your dashboard and you go over to Sports Bench, and then export. And then you can select what table you want to export. So we’re just going to go with teams, and you save the file. And now you have it as an exported CSV file.

Now we want to go in and import it to a different website. So for that we again come down here to Sports Bench and then select Import. And then we select Add Teams. And then we’ll find this file.

And now we should see that all of our teams have been imported into our website. And that’s how you use the export and import functionality with Sports Bench. To learn more about Sports Bench or to learn how to do other things, be sure to check out sportsbenchwp.com.