Creating a New Game — Sports Bench Tutorial

Hey there and welcome. In this tutorial video we’re going to go over how to create games as well as the box score page that can display games automatically for you.

So I’m here on a site that I’ve set up with a bunch of teams and players, and to create a game you go to games and add new. And then you can select the home team and the away team. You can add in the scoreline if the game has started or is already finished. And the final total over here gets calculated automatically.

You can select the game status, whether it’s scheduled, in progress or final, date and time of the game, what week it is, what season and all of that. If it’s a neutral site, you can add that here.

And then also you can add in the team stats. Depending on what sport you are using, there might be some match events to add in as well for scoring plays or whatever. And then you can add in the player stats right here, and it all gets output correctly.

And then when you’re done you can go down to the bottom and press save. So that’s how you do that.

Now if you want to create a box score page, you go into create a new page. I’ve already got a page set up. If you’re using the plugin, you’ll look for the Sports Bench Box Score block to add in the box score. If you’re using the Sports Bench Main Theme, you can look for the box score page template, and select that. We’re using the theme for this site, so we don’t need the block.

And this is what the box score looks like, or page I should say. And this will work for every game, it will swap out everything here. And it’s a little bit similar with the block as well. It just won’t be as fancy and you might have to do some things to make it work with your theme.

But overall this is how you create games and well as the box score page.

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