Creating a Playoff Bracket — Sports Bench Tutorial

Hey there and welcome back. In this tutorial video, we’re going to go over how to create playoff brackets and show them on the page.

So to start off we go to Playoffs and Add New. And then we’ll just add in a title. Then you select the number of teams for the tournament. And the format, whether it’s single or double elimination. And then you pick the season, and hit Create Bracket.

So now it gives us some options to fill out our playoff bracket. And then you can select the format, whether it’s one game or multiple games. And then you can select the games that will be used.

And you keep doing this throughout however many rounds.

Okay, so we’ve now saved our playoff bracket, and now we’re going to add it to a page. So I’m going here to Pages and Add New. Okay, so we’re going to come in here and give it a title. And we’re going to look for the Sports Bench Bracket block. And then we’ll come in here and select the bracket. And hit publish.

Now let’s see what it looks like.

And here we go. Now we can see our bracket here on the page with our title and if they click here they can see the matchup details and go to the box score for any games associated with that series between the two teams.

So that’s basically how you create brackets. If you would like to learn more about Sports Bench or how to customize or do things with Sports Bench, be sure to check out