Creating a New Team — Sports Bench Tutorial

Hey there and welcome back. In this tutorial we’re going to go over how to create a new team using Sports Bench as well as how to create the teams page.

First off we’re going to create a new team, so we’re going to go into teams and add new. And then I’m going to enter in the team. If you’re entering in like a soccer team that doesn’t really have a nickname, just leave it blank. And then we’ll talk about this later with divisions and conferences, but this is where you would select a division or conference.

And then you can enter in the addresses here if you want. And then you can also enter in logos and also a team photo if you want. And then just hit save. And now we have created a new team.

So now let’s go in and create the teams page. And I kind of set up, but I don’t have it completely set up. So you go in here, let’s add a new block and select the Sports Bench Team Page. And there’s no settings for us to update or anything like that so let’s hit update. And let’s go out and view the page.

And it looks a little bit off. Sometimes you’ll have to do some styling to make it work with your theme. I’ve tried what I can, but sometimes themes add in styles that mess everything up. 

And actually before we go in and view the single team page, we need to go in here and update our permalinks. And then we view team. And then here’s where you would see things like stats for the team, stats for the individuals, rosters, schedule and team info. And look, you didn’t have to write any lines of code.

So that’s it for teams. Next up we’re going to take a look at how to create players as well as create the players page.