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How to edit the output of the standings

Standings are an important part of any league. Sports Bench comes prepackaged with standings ready to go, but sometimes you might want to make some changes to them. Fortunately, the standings are easy to customize.

How to customize the scoreboard

The scoreboard is one of the most important parts of Sports Bench. While the default is set up via tables, you can customize how each game looks by using filters.

How to change the player information sections

Sports Bench has two locations where player information is displayed by default. But sometimes you need to customize what these sections display. Fortunately, it’s really easy to customize with filters.

How to customize the team information areas

Sports Bench has two places where team information is displayed. And with a couple of filters, you can change the output of those areas to make it fit your league.

How to use team, player news sections

One of the best parts of the Sports Bench theme are the team and player pages. These templates have a cool section for news items for the team or player. But how do you get posts to show there?

Sports Bench screenshot

Appropriate image sizes for Sports Bench

Images are a crucial part of the website, but they need to be the right size to not subtract from the experience. So here’s the recommended sizes for Sports Bench photos.

How to add customizations with Sports Bench

With Sports Bench 1.5, customizing the styles got a whole bunch easier for you. So here’s the new way to change the styles for the plugin.

Customizing the Sports Bench plugin

While I wrote Sports Bench with the best intentions, it doesn’t quite have everything for every single person. So, if you’re wanting to make changes to the plugin, here’s how to do that.

What you can do with MySQL, PHP and Sports Bench

Now that the MySQL, PHP and Sports Bench tutorial has concluded, here are somethings you can do with this knowledge. The possibilities are endless.