Why you should learn (some) web development

Are you looking for something to learn in 2019? Wanting to fix or extend your website. Why not start to learn web development.

Learning web development can be freeing, captivating and overall, really, really cool. You can fix things yourself, do really cool things with your website and fall in love with creating things.

So why not give it a shot?

It will help you fix problems

First and foremost, learning some web development, especially PHP and JavaScript will help you fix problems when you encounter them. You’ll know enough that when something goes wrong, instead of panicking, you’ll be able to go in and fix the problem.

And even if you don’t know exactly what the problem is or how to fix it, you’ll know enough to where you can properly explain the problem to me or another developer. As a developer myself, that is such a big help when the person is able to describe the problem in detail.

I still remember when I was starting out as a developer. It took a while for me to

You can extend WordPress and Sports Bench easier

Also, knowing web development also makes it much easier to extend and customize Sports Bench and WordPress. You don’t have to go out looking for a web developer. Instead, you can just do most of it yourself.

In fact, this is how I got my start with web development back in 2012. I had an arena football site and wanted to extend it beyond what WordPress and the prebuilt theme I had could do. So over the summer I went through and learned HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and MySQL. And now it’s what I do for a living.

Fun fact: some of the code I wrote is in the football side of the plugin.

It’s fun to learn

But most of all, it’s fun to learn web development. It’s really cool to type something in an editor and see it on the page. It’s like being an artist but not having to worry about a physical canvas and paint.

That’s what really hooked me into wanting to be a web developer. I never really had the talent for being an artist, but I wanted to create things. Web development and creating webpages gave that to me. Creating things on the screen was kind of addicting and I wanted to keep on doing it. It was fun.

And I think you’ll find that it’s pretty fun too once you get the hang of it.

So if you’re looking for something to learn here in 2019, try your hand at web development. You’ll find it’s easier and more fun than you might imagine.

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