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June 2021 Sports Bench update

Hey there and welcome to the June update of the Sports Bench 2.0 rebuild, as I’m calling it.

Version 2.0 is still a ways away from its release, but the good news is that I’ve made a lot of really good progress since the last update last month.

So let’s dive into it, shall we?

Plugin updates

So far with the plugin, I’ve rebuilt all of the backend screens plus all of the functions for the scoreboard, teams, players, games (game previews, recaps and box score), standings, stats and playoff functions. In terms of plugin progress, it’s definitely over 80 percent of the way there.

What’s left is adding in the REST API endpoints adding in the rest of the functions so you don’t hit any fatal PHP errors on update and testing everything with the sports not named soccer.

Ideally I’ll be done with it by the end of the month. But I’m also going to take my time as well to get it right. I really don’t want to have any errors when you update to version 2.0, especially considering how big of a change it will be. So if the timeline gets pushed back a week or two for testing, so be it.

Theme timeline update

As for the theme, the timeline has been moved up slightly since the plugin is moving along quicker than I originally thought.

I’m hoping to get started on creating the version 2.0 theme not later than the start of August. And the good news is that the theme will be the easiest part of the whole process.

I will be using WP Rig as the starter theme, as I’ve found it to be really good both from the developer and user perspectives. I built my freelance business website on it last November, and it only took about a month to build with WP Rig. And that theme had to be more complex than this one will.

The one downside to that is that it might create some breaking changes to child themes, depending on what you’ve changed. This is mainly focused on any PHP template changes you might have made (i.e. header.php, home.php, etc.). But I will make sure to create a comprehensive child theme guide before the release so you know how to make changes to the theme and what changes to make to your current child theme.

Post version 2.0 timeline

Now, to look a bit way ahead to after version 2.0 is released, I’m hoping to be better about updating the plugin and theme. Especially with the switch to a yearly license subscription.

Right now, I’m thinking there will be no more than two months between major releases (i.e. 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, etc.). The exact timing will likely depend on my schedule as well as the features I hope to add for each release.

And then for minor releases (like 2.1.1 and so on), I hope to have about one every two weeks to clean up bugs that have been caught, potential security issues and other problems. The timing on these might get sped up if an immediate fix is required to be released.

But that’s it for this month. Hopefully there will be a lot more to share this time next month.

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