Sports Bench 1.7.2 features updates for plugin, theme





Sports Bench 1.7.2

Sports Bench 1.7.2 was released today after a couple of weeks of development. This update features fixes for both the Sports Bench plugin and theme.

On the plugin side, I fixed an issue with the rivalry block not showing the series score or recent games between the two team. I also added has_block checks when loading styles and scripts for blocks and fixed an issue with dropdowns in the player, game and game recap blocks not filtering options correctly.

And on the theme side, Foundation, the underlaying framework for the theme, was updated to version 6.5.1, the latest update. A Polish translation was added to both the plugin and theme.

Development on the next major version, 1.8, is beginning now. Adding a team stat search, player and team taxonomies and accessibility are the priorities for that release.