Sports Bench 1.6 released today

Sports Bench 1.6 released today

After a month or so of delays, Sports Bench 1.6 is finally here. While not a super big update like 1.5, this new version does add a few more things that will make Sports Bench that much more better for users.

So let’s see what’s new in Sports Bench 1.6

Search for player stats

The biggest addition to Sports Bench in this update is the ability to search for player stats on the front and backend of the site.

If you’re using the Sports Bench theme with the plugin, all you need to do is create a new page with the “Stat Search” page template. Otherwise, you can select the “Stat Search” shortcode or Gutenberg block.

On the frontend, users will be able to search for players by name, a particular stat, whether they had more, less or the same of a particular stat, if the stat is single game, season or career, and more. It’s an extremely powerful tool that can take your site to the next level.

The same functionality has been add in the backend as well. Just look for “Stat Search” in the admin menu on the left side of the dashboard. Once there, you can make the same searches as you could on the frontend.

So get searching!

Export info into CSV files

Sports Bench 1.3 added the ability to import a CSV file to populate the tables for Sports Bench. Now, Sports Bench 1.6 adds the ability to export those tables as CSV files.

This will be great if you ever need to migrate your site and have to download all of the data and then re-import it somewhere else. Also, it’s great to have if you ever just want to download the CSV file to have a backup in case something gets wrong.

Either way, it’s now easier than ever to get your league’s data out of the database and on to your computer.

Gutenberg updates

A recent update to Gutenberg changed the way some of the elements in the editor needed to be called, which broke the majority of the blocks for Sports Bench. Seeing as Gutenberg is still in development as a beta plugin, most people probably didn’t see the error, but it’s been fixed so everything is ready when Gutenberg finally does come out in WordPress 5.0.

What’s coming in Sports Bench 1.7

Of course, the big question is now what’s coming in Sports Bench 1.7. Well, unfortunately, with 1.6 getting over a month off track, 1.7 won’t be a massive update. But there will still be some quality items tackled in the next version.

First, more functionality will be added to the player search. I hope to add the ability to sort the search up or down and to add a few more facets to the search to make it more powerful.

From there, it will likely be few minor things that might make a big difference for you. These include adding a filter so you can change the number of players shown on the stat leaderboards and stat search page. Adding team totals on the team page. And styling the default Gutenberg blocks so the theme is ready when Gutenberg is finally rolled into WordPress core.

So be sure to update your version of Sports Bench. Hopefully you’ll find it to be so much better than before.