An update on Sports Bench 1.6

An update on Sports Bench 1.6

Well, normally work on Sports Bench would be nearing an end for the next major release. Things would be tested, docs would be updated and things would be made nice for the release.

But that’s not happening for Sports Bench 1.6. There have been some delays in getting development started for the next major release. Here’s a little bit more about it.

Life gets in the way

So the reason I haven’t been able to work on Sports Bench 1.6 is simply life. I’m trying to do a lot of things in my freelance work and regular development gig and it takes up a lot of time. And those have a higher priority than this.

Also, there have been some life events that have taken up time as well, though they’re nothing serious. Just things that have prevented me from developing Sports Bench further.

Fortunately, things are clearing up, which should help things here in the near future. *knocks on wood*

Focus on export functionality, front-end searching

As for what will be in Sports Bench 1.6, I went over what I’m planning for it in more detail in a post back in March. But I do want to give a bit of an update now that the timing has changed a bit.

The main things that will be in the new version are an export feature, so that you can download all of the data you enter into Sports Bench into a CSV, and adding front-end search capabilities. The search will likely be limited to just players initially with more capabilities for teams and games added in subsequent releases.

Release date somewhere mid-to-late summer

Finally, the release date for Sports Bench 1.6 will obviously be pushed back a bit. I’m aiming for a late-July or early August release, though that might be moved up if things are easier than I think they will be.

Meanwhile, Sports Bench 1.7 will likely be a light release, but still scheduled to come out in September to get back into the normal cycle. That might just be a fix some things and add capabilities for searching.

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