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Why create a sports league website?

So you run a sports league. It’s a nice league with good competition and good players. Everyone is having a great time.

But this league is a small operation and you want to take it to the next level. What’s the next step?

Obviously, the next step is creating a website for it. Why, you ask. Because a website creates a home where information can be easily organized and disseminate information. And makes your league discoverable to the entire internet.

Still not convinced?

Everyone needs a home

Every sports league needs a home base for people to come and get the information they need. For a long time, that place was the fields where games were played or even email.

But now in the technology age, the home is the internet. And you need a website for your league to call home.

This will be a place where participants (or even fans) in your league will come get the latest information, check the schedule and maybe even chat. It’s a home away from the playing field. And it will make your sports league that much better.

Organization is key

Now sure, a Facebook page could serve as your home base for your participants. But the social media site restricts what you can do with your page.

With your own website, there are no restrictions. You’re free to do whatever you wish. And that becomes an advantage when it comes to organizing information.

Having your own website allows you to organize the league’s information the way you want. Show off the up-to-date standings. Display all of the teams’ schedules. Put up a leaderboard for stats. Write a few blog posts. You can do whatever you want. And you can choose how that’s all shown.

Plus, it makes it easier to disseminate information quickly. If you run an outdoor league, you’re going to have delays and postponements. You can post the latest information and changes to the schedules easily with your own site and direct people to it.

Branding and getting your league out there

So you have a six-team league. You want to grow it to eight, ten or even 12 teams. How are you going to grow your league?

Well, you could place signs all over town. But in today’s technology age, people are going to go to Google to find nearby sports leagues for themselves or their kids. And if you’re not online, they’re not going to find you.

Having a website creates a storefront of sorts for those prospective players to visit and learn more. It makes your league more discoverable and more inviting for those people. And with the right search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, you can reach more and more people in your area a lot better than measly signs.

Why not make it look cool?

So now you have a website for your sports league. Why not spice it up? Why not make it the best it could possibly be?

That’s where Sports Bench comes into play. Sports Bench makes it extremely easy to add and edit players, teams and games. Need to move a player to a new team? That takes a matter of seconds. Need to reschedule games because of rainouts? That won’t take you long at all.

And, you’ll won’t have worry about updating standings, stats or the scoreboard every week since the plugin does that under the hood. You get to run your league while the plugin does the math for you. And do you already have a WordPress theme that you enjoy? The plugin is set up to work with any theme with just a few lines of code here and there. It’s built to fit your needs.

But no matter the case, no matter if you want to use Sports Bench or not, your league needs a home. So why not make one?

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