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Why should you choose Sports Bench?

Running a sports league can be a very fun task. But keep track of all of those stats, games, players and teams? Well, that’s another story.

It’s easy to lose track of scorebooks and stats. And if you’re not careful, it’s easy to get games, players and even teams confused with each other. But Sports Bench solves all of those issues.

So why should you choose Sports Bench?

Quick to set up

Sports Bench takes minimal time to set up. Going from installation to ready to add players, teams and games takes five minutes at most. The plugin uses only a limited number of options to chose from to streamline the setup process. Yet it’s practically limitless what you can do with it.

And if you buy the theme as well, it only gets easier. The theme comes with pre-made team, player, standings, scoreboard and stats pages. You won’t have to do any coding — a user’s dream.

Easily add teams, players and games

With Sports Bench, adding teams, players and games is as easy as creating posts or pages. Seriously, it’s that simple.

The add and edit pages for each item have been design and built to be intuitive. You won’t need much help to complete the simple forms. And everything’s connected so you won’t have to worry about remembering ids or names.

A playoff system that fits your needs

New for version 1.2, the plugin comes with a playoff system that fits your needs, whatever they may be. You can create two, four, six, eight, 12, 16, 32 or 64 team single elimination brackets or a four team double elimination bracket. And each series can be a single game, two-leg series or a best-of-three, -five or -seven game series. It’s built to truly serve your needs.

And don’t worry about all the code that it must take to show brackets on your posts and pages. The plugin has that taken care of. Simply add a shortcode and your brackets on any post or page. And it’s designed to work with any theme at any width.

Easy to customize

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using the Sports Bench theme or another theme, Sports Bench serves to be customizable by everyone to fully meet their needs.

If you’re using the theme, simply create a child theme and get to customizing. And if you’re only using the plugin on a completely different theme, go crazy creating custom and cool page templates. Sports Bench comes with extensive documentation on all of the functions, variables and table columns. Only your imagination limits what you can do with the plugin.

It does all the work for you

But most important of all, Sports Bench does all of the work for you. You no longer need to keep track of all of the stats. You don’t need to worry about calculating shooting percentage or batting average or remembering what the heck is that formula for earned run average again. The plugin does all of those calculations for you. That limits stress on you. And it solves one of the big problems with running a league.

So what do you say? Give Sports Bench a try today. Focus more on running your league and less time running your website.

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