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Appropriate image sizes for Sports Bench

Images are a crucial part of any website. They need to be the right size and have the right file size to grab the reader’s attention but not subtract from the experience.

Sports Bench comes with multiple areas for images: team logos and photos for the plugin and featured images for pages and posts in the theme. And here’s the recommended sizes for each area.

Team Logos

Team logos are probably the trickiest image to get sizes just right. After all, no two logos are created equal. Some are taller than they are wide. Others are a bit wider.

So when you’re uploading team logos, you’re going to want to make sure the logos are about 500 pixels wide and that the height is proportional to that. The plugin will scale the logos to the correct size on its own.

Probably the most important aspect though is to make sure you have a large enough image that can scale down and that it has a clear background. You might want to see if you can grab an SVG, EPS or Illustrator file of the logo and turn that into a PNG.

Team Photos

The sizes for team photos really depends on what you’re going with the photos themselves. So you can figure out what image size you need for this on your own.

If you’re using the Sports Bench theme with the plugin, you’re going to want to make sure that the image is at least 1500 pixels wide and at least 600 pixels high with the subject in the center vertically. The image will stretch across the top of the page.

Featured Images — Theme Only

For featured images in the theme, you’re going to want to make sure the image is 2500 pixels by 1667 pixels if you’re using the slider on the homepage. Otherwise the featured images can be 2000 pixels by 1333 pixels.

The reason the featured image is so big for the slider is because it needs to stretch across the entire top of the page. To make sure your site isn’t slowed down by the image size, be sure to do your best to minimize and reduce the file size of the image.

Page Featured Images — Theme Only

Finally, for Sports Bench 1.5, you can also have featured images on pages. These will be a lot like the team photos for the theme. They need to be at least 1500 pixels wide and 600 pixels high. They will be across the top of the page underneath the menu and scoreboard.

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