The road map for Sports Bench and Gutenberg

Gutenberg is coming! Gutenberg is coming!

Okay, so the coming of the new WordPress editor, Gutenberg, might not be as daunting as the British troops marching through New England, but it is still coming. And developers across the WordPress sphere are gearing up to make their products ready when it comes out in version 5.0, whenever that might be.

So how is Sports Bench planning for the coming of Gutenberg? I’m glad you asked.

Currently, there are no Gutenberg blocks in Sports Bench, but there will be. And here’s how I plan to role out features for the editor in the plugin.

What about version 1.5?

So originally I planned to add in some support for Gutenberg in the upcoming version of Sports Bench. But development for the update took a lot longer that I had intended. So when Sports Bench 1.5 drops on Wednesday, there still won’t be any added support for Gutenberg. At least not yet.

Getting the basics in

Instead, the plan now is to work on an intermediate update that has the basics for Gutenberg and Sports Bench. This means that this will likely be a 1.5.1, 1.5.2 or something similar update.

This update will essentially make sure all of the available shortcodes are turned into Gutenberg blocks. And it will come out before the WordPress 5.0 release, whenever that might be, which will have Gutenberg.

Making Gutenberg blocks for cool layouts

But the real fun is going to come after I get the basics into Sports Bench for Gutenberg. That’s when I can add really cool things.

One of the cool things that will be coming into Gutenberg is nested blocks, so that you can have blocks inside of blocks. And that opens the door for some really cool things.

So, don’t like the layout of the player or team shortcode and don’t want to touch code? There’s a chance that you would be able to add different blocks inside of an area where the shortcode would be to customize it. Or want to show individual player stats in front of team stats in game recaps? That’ll be a possibility in the future.

Or you might be able to even customize team and player pages if you want. The possibilities are endless.

So if you haven’t read up on Gutenberg, you’ll want to do that now. It can seem like a scary proposition to learn a whole new editor, but the folks working on this are good people and they’re going to put a product out there that’s top notch. It’s an exciting time for WordPress and Sports Bench.

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