Setting Up the Sports Bench Main Theme — Sports Bench Tutorial

Hey there and welcome back. In this tutorial video, we’re going to go over how to add in the Sports Bench Main Theme as well as go through the setup process for the theme options.

So first off we’re going to need to add the theme to our website, so we’re going to go to Appearance and Themes. And then Add New and Upload Theme. And then you can hit Browse or drag and drop and Install.

And then let’s activate it. Okay, so now our theme has been activated. And now we just really need to go in and adjust the theme options.

So we’re going to go here into customize. First off, we’re going to go to basic options. You can select what color you want. There are a number of different color themes you can use. You can also change left sidebar, right sidebar or no sidebar. And then if you also have the Sports Bench plugin, you can add that here. Obviously this is a new install so there are no games that’s why it looks a little bit weird. 

Now we’ll back out and go through the homepage options. If you want to run the scoreboard bar, you can show it above or below this top element. And then you can have a slider, a tiled post (which is what’s already showing) or hero image. And for the slider or tiled posts you can cap it at 1200 pixel width or the full width of the page. If you’re using the tiled posts or slider, you can select the category here. If you’re using the hero image, you can add in the image here, the title, the description, the text for a link for a button that appears if you want and then the link for the button.

And then you can select, going down towards the bottom, you can select this top section here the category. And then there is also a middle section. The same for the right side. And if you leave any of these blank, it will select the latest posts basically. 

Let’s back out of that. And then finally there are social media profile buttons. You just put your links here. They appear here down at the bottom. 

And then, this is typically WordPress, but you can also create menus and set them up. There are two different locations for menus. This one is the footer one, obviously. And this is up here in the header. 

And then you can also add in a custom header image. And that just appears up here. And the dimensions for the header should be 200 pixels wide by 40 pixels high or proportional to that basically.

But that’s basically it for setting up the Sports Bench Main Theme and customizing it to your liking. Also be sure to add in the license key here that you got when you purchased Sports Bench. That way you can continue to get updates to the theme. 

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