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Sports Bench makes it extremely easy to create a great sports WordPress website in just minutes.

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Two sets of rugby teams are pushing against each for control of the ball
Screenshot of the hockey box score page in Sports Bench

Turn your website into a sports website

Sports Bench helps you turn your WordPress website into a sports website with just a few clicks of the mouse. Whether this website is for a sports league that you’re covering or a website for your local sports league, you can easily turn your website into the place to go for all of the information.

Screenshot of the football tiled homepage in Sports Bench

Stats and standings calculated for you

One of the great parts about Sports Bench is that it does all of the calculations for you. Simply add in players, teams and games, and Sports Bench will calculate the standings and stats for you. You don’t have to do anything else. It’s as simple as that.

Screenshot of the soccer tiled homepage in Sports Bench

Make your website look great with the theme

While Sports Bench is designed to work with any theme, if you want your league website to look the absolute best it can, you can also purchase the Sports Bench theme. It has all of the integration with the plugin built in. That means there’s no extra work you need to do to get started. Just install both and start adding players, teams and games and get going.

Plugin Features

Team pages

Want to easily display all of the information for a team? Sports Bench automatically creates team pages that show the stats, roster, schedule and so much more for each team in your league.

Player pages

Want to easily display all of the information for a player? Sports Bench automatically creates player pages that show the stats and much more for each player in your league.


Standings can be a pain to deal with manually. But with Sports Bench, you can let the plugin update the standings automatically and always stay up-to-date with who’s in first place in your league.


Stats are a mess to calculate, especially if there are a lot of games. But Sports Bench takes care of that automatically. It will calculate how many goals a player has scored or the ERA for a pitcher. No extra work for you.


Show off your latest or upcoming games with the Sports Bench scoreboard. You can create a page for the scoreboard or add the widget to your sidebar. Or best off all, you can have a scoreboard bar at the top of each of your pages.


Playoffs are where the magic happens for any league. And Sports Bench makes it easy for you to create playoff brackets that show the way for any team to make their way to the championship.

Box Scores

Box scores tell the tale of every game in your league. Sports Bench can create those box scores for you automatically, showing who scored, what the team stats breakdown was and how each player did in the game. It’s a great way to go inside the game.


Want to show snippets of information in the sidebar of each page? No problem. Sports Bench comes with standings, scoreboard, stats leaderboard and team schedule blocks that you can use on your website.


Want to show information about a player, team, game or rivalry, or want to not use any code to set up something like the team page? Sports Bench comes with a number of blocks and shortcodes that allow you to do that in mere seconds.

CSV Import/Export

Want to easily upload a lot of players, teams, etc. information to Sports Bench? Simply turn it into a CSV file and upload it to the website. It will be added, saving you a lot of time and frustration. And if you need to export anything for any reason, you can quickly do that as well.

WP REST API Integration

Are you a developer looking to add more functionality to the website through the WP REST API? Sports Bench comes with REST API integration baked in, allowing you to do so much more with the plugin and create cool things.


Sports Bench makes it easy to organize teams via conferences and/or divisions. Simply add the division or conference and then sort the teams into them.

Main Theme

Customizable homepage

Worried that your homepage will look like someone else’s using the Sports Bench theme? Don’t worry. You can customize your homepage to your liking. Whether it’s a slider, hero image or a tiled top section, you can set it up just like you like it.

Sports Bench integration

The best part about using the Sports Bench theme is that it comes with Sports Bench plugin integration built in. You don’t have to worry about touching any code and can get started right out of the box.

Custom header

Add in your league or news organization’s branding to the top of every page with the custom header image. Simply upload it with the correct dimensions and it will be visible on every page so people will know what website they are on.

Color options

Add a little pop to your website with the different color options the theme comes with. Whether it’s red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple or default styling, you can find something that works for your website and sports league.

Block editor support

Using the “new” block editor for WordPress? No problem. The Sports Bench theme supports wide and full align blocks and has styling for other blocks such as galleries, blockquotes and so much more.

Social media links

Show where people can find you on social media with the social media links. Add in your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and other links and icons will automatically appear in the footer of each page.

Sports Supported

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Rugby
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball

Create a great website for your baseball league!

From batting average to earned run average to home runs and more, Sports Bench makes it really easy for you to create a website for your little league or beer league or for covering a professional or semi-pro league. Check out the baseball demo to see what it can do for you.

View Baseball Demo

Purchase the Sports Bench package today!

Get your sports website set up in just minutes by purchasing the package. There’s no code that you need to write to get going. Just set up the necessary page templates, configure your settings and start building your website today. It’s the perfect way to get started.


$60.00 – Purchase Excluding 8.25% tax

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sports Bench support multiple sports on the same site?

Sports Bench only supports one sport on a site at the same time. That’s just how the plugin is written. If you would like to show multiple sports, you could create a WordPress Multisite install, with a different sport on each subsite (similar to the demos).

Why is Sports Bench split into a plugin and a theme?

In the WordPress ecosystem, plugins should add functionality and themes should only add designs. For Sports Bench, the theme only adds a design to the website, while the plugin adds all of the sports league functionality. That way, if you ever want to change your theme or create a custom theme, you can do so without losing any of your sports data.

Is the Sports Bench plugin compatible with my theme?

Ideally it should be compatible with your theme. But that is also dependent on how your theme is created. If the theme is built up-to-WordPress standards (which includes any themes in the WordPress theme directory), then you shouldn’t have any issues. But the theme isn’t built right, you might run into issues.

I want to extend the plugin to match what I need. How do I do that?

Sports Bench already does a lot of what you need for your website. But if you need to extend it even further, be sure to check out the Documentation for the classes, functions and filters you need to customize the plugin.

I’m having trouble getting started. Can you help me?

If you’re having trouble getting started with Sports Bench, check out the starting guide that accompanies the plugin zip file or check out our how to guides to get started.

What sports does Sports Bench support?

Sports Bench currently supports baseball, basketball, football, hockey, rugby, soccer and volleyball. More sports might be added over time.

I have a problem, question or feature request. How should I contact you about it?

There are a few ways in which you can get in touch with me. First, you can use the form on the “Report an Issue” page to report the problem or send in a feature request. Or you can also email me directly or create a new forum topic.

Take it to the next level


Join the community of other Sports Bench users over in the forums. There you can ask questions and get help, or you can show off your website for others to see and add in your feature requests. It’s a great place to meet people who use Sports Bench for their websites.

Check out the forums!


Looking to extend or customize Sports Bench for your website through the code? Look no further than the documentation. You can see all of the classes, methods, functions and hooks you can use to make Sports Bench fit your website’s needs.

View Documentation


Looking for help on how to do something with Sports Bench? Check out all of the tutorials that will walk you through how to add teams, players, games or how to display a box score or team page and so much more.

View Tutorials


Want to see how some things are done with Sports Bench? Check out the video center with videos that show you how to create teams, players and games or how to add the scoreboard and standings and a lot more.

Watch Videos

Keep up with Sports Bench

Stay up to date with everything happening with Sports Bench through the This Month in Sports Bench newsletter. Each week I’ll breakdown what’s going on with the plugin and theme and what you can expect with future releases. It’s the perfect way to always know what to expect with each release of Sports Bench.