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Team Page

Sports Bench makes it easy for you to have a centralized location for each team in the league with team pages. If you’re using the Sports Bench theme, this requires no setup. But even if you’re not, our functions and guides will have you setup with a team page template that will match your theme in no time.

Player Page

This plugin also makes it easy for you to have a centralized location for each player in the league with player pages. If you’re using the Sports Bench theme, this requires no setup. But even if you’re not, our functions and guides will have you setup with a player page template that will match your theme in no time.


You can now easily create playoff brackets to show who your league’s champion is. Create a 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 32 or 64 team single elimination bracket or a four-team double elimination bracket. And the front end display is easy. Just select the playoff shortcode, select the bracket and watch it do its work. The display is written to work with any size screen, so all of your readers will be able to see who the true champion is.


Show where teams are in the standings with ease. The plugin keeps track of the standings with minimal need for user input. You can show league, conference or division standings, whichever works for you.


Sports Bench makes it easy to organize teams via conferences and/or divisions. Simply add the division or conference and then sort the teams into them.


Display upcoming, current or completed games with an easy-to-use scoreboard. You can create a separate scoreboard page with only the need to call one function, or you can add a scoreboard bar to the top of your header.

Stats Leaderboard

Show who’s the best in different statistical categories with Sports Bench’s stats leaderboard. Simply select which stats you wish to show and they’ll show up on the page. The stats show the top ten players, but users can load more for each stat with a simple click.

Stat Search

Need to figure out what the record is for a particular stat? Need to see if anybody’s done something before? You and your visitors can search for stats with an easy-to-use player stat search. This can be used on the front and back end so anyone can look up just about any stat.

Game Recaps

Show off stats from a game in a nice sidebar area to go along with a post. It’s perfect for a game recap, where the text or even video recap can be in the main area with the stats off to the side. The recap stats are made to be used with any sidebar to match the theme you are using.


Sports Bench comes with three ready-to-go widgets to display in the sidebar. You can display standings, the scoreboard and the leaderboard for a stat in the sidebar. The widgets are also created to blend with you sidebar to match the theme.

Gutenberg Blocks

The plugin comes with custom Gutenberg blocks ready to go when the new Gutenberg editor is rolled into WordPress core. These blocks can be used to show page templates, games, playoff brackets, rivalries and more!


The plugin also comes with 11 different shortcodes that you can use to display information in a post. In the post editor, click the ‘SB’ logo to open up a modal where you can select between a game, team, player, scoreboard, standings, stats, playoff bracket, rivalry, player page, team page or game recap shortcode to display information to add to your posts.

WP REST API Integration

JavaScript frameworks and the WP REST API are the hot thing in web development. If you’re creating a site that uses the REST API and any of the popular frameworks, Sports Bench has the tools to help you.

CSV Import

Already have a database set up for your league? Well we make it easy for you to bring it over and set up with Sports Bench. Simply export each table you need – divisions, games, game info, game stats, players, brackets, series and teams – and use our CSV uploaded to add the information. The CSV import page will walk you through the process to make sure you’re all set. And if you need to migrate your site, you can also export each of the tables into a CSV file to safely move the data to another site with Sports Bench or just for safe keeping.

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Sports Bench Plugin Integration

The Sports Bench theme is designed and coded with the Sports Bench plugin in mind. While the theme works on its own like any other WordPress theme, it works best with the plugin. This is perfect for users with no coding experience as everything has already been taken care of. Simply activate the theme and plugin, setup the plugin options and you’re on your way.

Homepage Slider

Show off your best or most important stories with the featured post slider on the homepage. Simply select a category in the theme options and add posts to that category to see them displayed in the full-width slider. You can control how many posts are shown on the slider. The preferred image ratio is 2.56:1, with a relatively large image so that it stretches across the page.

Customizable Homepage

Readers won’t have to go very far to find your stories when they come to your website. In addition to showing your latest posts, you can also add tabs for selected categories so readers can peruse them without leaving the homepage.

Custom Header

Add your personal branding to the website with a custom logo. The logo displays on the left side of the top menu. The suggested size for the header is 200px by 40px.

Site Logo

In addition to the site header, you can also add branding with a custom site logo. The logo will appear down in the footer and can also be added into templates wherever you need it. WordPress advises that the site logo be 512px by 512px.

Social Media Links

Show off links to your social media sites in the header with ease. Simply enter the URL for the desired social media platform in the theme options and the image and links will automatically appear in the header.

Longform Post Template

Have a special story that you want to tell in a special way? Sports Bench makes that easy with the longform feature. Select the longform post template in the “Post Attributes” section of the post editor to see your story displayed in a unique way.

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One of the best parts of Sports Bench is how customizable it is, especially the plugin. Developers will be able to do almost anything they want with the data. To help you figure out how to accomplish your goals with your sports website, we’ve put together an extensive codex with all of the available functions and variables, a great set of how to guides and demo videos. Click the links to the left to get started!

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