The codex has been updated for Sports Bench 2.0 which is slated for an early September release. This is to help those who have made their own customizations get ready for the 2.0 release which will be radically different from a code perspective. Learn more about the changes you can expect with the code in Sports Bench 2.0.

apply_filters( 'sports_bench_before_game_shortcode', $html, $game_id, $away_team, $home_team )


  • string $html — The current HTML for the filter.
  • int $game_id — The Player object the stats are for.
  • Team $away_team — The team object for the away team.
  • Team $home_team — The team object for the home team.


  • string — HTML to be shown before the shortcode.

Since: 2.0


  • /blocks/class-sports-bench-blocks.php — 601
  • /public/partials/shortcodes/game.php — 83