The codex has been updated for Sports Bench 2.0 which is slated for an early September release. This is to help those who have made their own customizations get ready for the 2.0 release which will be radically different from a code perspective. Learn more about the changes you can expect with the code in Sports Bench 2.0.

new SoccerPlayer( $player_selector )

Used to create a SoccerPlayer object in the Sports Bench Plugin.

To create a new soccer player object, you’ll need to use the Sports_Bench\Classes\Sports\Soccer\SoccerPlayer namespace and then use new SoccerPlayer( $player_selector ). If you’re using the player_id to create the player object, you must place (int) before the id number.

This class is a child class of the Player class and inherits all of the properties and methods of the Player class. If you’re using soccer as your sport, you should use the SoccerPlayer class in your customizations.

Class Methods


  • string|int $player_selector — The slug or id of the team player create the object for.

Since: 2.0


  • /includes/classes/sports/soccer/soccer-player.php — 31